Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Why optimize your supply chain

It is imperative for your company that your supply chain supports the overall business concept. And gives you a competitive edge on all parameters.

The supply chain strategy must address the areas for planning, purchasing, production, logistics, warehousing, customer service as well as the tools, which secure progression, cohesion, and transparency.

We strongly recommend a set of well-defined success criteria for the supply chain.

We offer:

  • We start with your consumers/customers: What do they want and how will you deliver better than your competitors on these wishes?
  • Internally, we will focus on costs, working capital and the complexity. In todays world, we will of course also set focus on employees, product quality, risks/agility, and not least sustainability.
  • In connection with the optimization of the supply chain, we will often recommend automation, digitalization, make or buy at component- and finish goods level, offshoring, and changes to the manufacturing footprint.

Advantages by using ProvenExperience:

  • Very fast onboarding – we only use senior managers with relevant experience from similar positions.
  • We are embedded in the company – and become part of your management team.
  • Short-time contracts and short notice periods = flexible costs for your company.
  • No indirect or hidden staff costs – everything is included in our rates.

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