Strategic purchasing project

Why start a strategic purchasing project

For many companies, the spend on goods and services is a very important cost factor. And when the company is running well, procurement is often a question of getting products and services at the right price from existing suppliers.

But strategic purchasing is much more than that – for instance:

  • Analysis of the supplier market
  • Liquidity
  • Making choices on a combination of quality, price, and delivery time

We offer:

Based on a solid analysis (baseline) of the current spend, we optimize your operational purchase and lift it to a strategic level:

  • Substantial cost saving.
  • Liquidity improvements.
  • Prioritizing suppliers based on interviews of your organization.
  • Proposals for organizing your purchase organization.
  • Categorizing products.

Advantages by using ProvenExperience:

  • Very fast onboarding – we only use senior managers with relevant experience from similar positions.
  • We are embedded in the company – and become part of your management team.
  • Short-time contracts and short notice periods = flexible costs for your company.
  • No indirect or hidden staff costs – everything is included in our rates.

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