Production optimization

Why production optimization

Efficient production and efficient processes are prerequisites for being competitive. In most companies, the efficiency can be improved – to a higher or lesser degree.

By preparing and implementing an improvement plan, you will not only increase productivity and thereby free resources. The elimination of mistakes will also improve staff morale, which will boost productivity further.

Our experts have worked on production optimization several times before and have the experience to spot the potential across the organization.

We offer:

  • Describing the baseline – analysis, potential, priorities.
  • Finding strong and weak points in the entire value chain.
  • Analysis of flow – bottle necks, machine stops.
  • Definition of project targets, project organization, resources, time and KPI’s.
  • And most important of all: Implementation.

Advantages by using ProvenExperience:

  • Very fast onboarding – we only use senior managers with relevant experience from similar positions.
  • We are embedded in the company – and become part of your management team.
  • Short-time contracts and short notice periods = flexible costs for your company.
  • No indirect or hidden staff costs – everything is included in our rates.

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